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Our Products

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We work with industry leaders to take requests of any size.

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Give us your designs and we will make them a reality.

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Graphic Design

We have talented artists on staff to help with your designs.


No matter the intended use for boxes, product protection and security, branding and marketing, transmitting information, we want to be certain you and your customers are completely satisfied by every aspect of your product. Contact us with any of your packaging needs and we're sure to have a solution for your business.

Folding Carton

Folding carton, made from paperboard material is the most common type of box used in consumer packaged goods. Its paperboard based design is tough enough to handle any type of printing process while still being cost effective and consumer friendly.

Printed Corrugated

Printed corrugated is the perfect solution for products shipped directly to the client. You want to be certain your product is going to be safe and secure during transit, while having your branding catch every set of eyes along your package's journey to its destination. Corrugated cardboard uses more robust materials compared to folding carton, for maximum durability.

POP (Point of Purchase) / Display Boxes

A great display box is great for business. These boxes can draw the eye with their irregular silhouettes and loud colors. They are equal parts promotional and storage devices, a retailer's dream! Contact us today to consult on your new display box.

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Trusted Quality

We are committed to quality excellence that our customers expect and appreciate. Our knowledge and experience along with the finest materials ensure that all of our products meet or exceed our customer's expectations.



From conceptualizing your design to printing and packaging, AttaPack is dedicated to providing the highest quality personal service and on-time delivery in our industry. We provide professional assistance every step of the way to make sure your product meets your exact specifications. At AttaPack special requirements get special attention.

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